Bubbles is a unique place on the map of Warsaw. Restaurant located in the very center, with a cozy, atmospheric interior and a rich menu, gains more and more big fans and regular guests. What makes so many people love this place? And why is it worth visiting?


There are many things that a good restaurant could do without, however tasty dishes are not one of them. There’s no denying that food is the most important element of this type of premises and it is precisely because of it that we are able to travel many kilometers to our favorite restaurant and spend a lot of money at it. Bubbles is a place created by people who are passionate about gastronomy, who just want to feed their guests well. Each customer can feel like a king, tasting delicious dishes. The chef pays close attention to the highest quality of ingredients and a beautiful way of serving dishes. Thanks to this, Bubbles food caresses all the senses: sight, smell and taste. Whoever has tasted the delicacies served here will certainly come back to us more than once!


Another factor affecting the satisfaction of visiting the premises is the atmosphere in it. This is mainly the task of the employees of the restaurant. It is they who create the decoration of the premises and care for its cleanliness. Waiters are interested in the needs of guests and try to respond to them on a regular basis. In addition, they know very well what the individual dishes are made of, they are able to advise during their selection and recommend a wine that will perfectly suit them. They will find a hearty smile and a warm word for everyone. The chef can boast of excellent taste and talent to create perfect combinations of flavors, and also knows how to manage other chefs, thanks to which, they make excellent dishes. A good restaurant is not the work of one person, but of the whole team. At Bubbles work people with passion, for whom customer satisfaction is the greatest success.


Bubbles is a great place for both natives of Warsaw and tourists who visit the capital at the weekend. The key to success is the fact that the restaurant is located in the very centre of the city. This location is ideal for people who work in the city centre, as well as all those who are focused on visiting Warsaw. Near the premises there is, among others Saxon Garden, a city park covering 15.5 ha. It is one of the oldest parks in Poland, where you can admire not only the beauty of nature, but also Baroque sculptures of muses and virtues, the Great Fountain, the sundial, the monument to Maria Konopnicka, the Blue Palace and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In addition, Bubbles is in an ideal location for people who are passionate about art, because it is located near the Kordegarda art gallery, the Grand Theatre of the National Opera, the Theatre Museum and the National Theatre. In the latter, you can watch many recognized plays, including “The Snow Queen”, “Kordian”, “Dziady”, “The Winter’s Tale”, “Maidens’ Vows” or “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. In addition, in the vicinity of the restaurant there are the Carmelite Church, monuments of Józef Poniatowski, marshal Józef Piłsudski and Bolesław Prus and the Presidential Palace. It is therefore an ideal place to rest and assuage your hunger after sightseeing or during a break between one attraction and another.


Probably the majority of people working professionally have a problem with finding time and strength to prepare meals. It is not enough to cook dishes – you have to come up with a menu and go shopping. We live fast and have a lot of responsibilities, and thus we can not always afford a balanced home-cooked meal. Some “save themselves” on the run, reaching for chocolate bars, powdered soups or fast-food, but there’s no denying that this solution is not the best for us. In addition, everyone wants a short break, during which he will have time to eat a dinner. And for those people is a special lunch offer at Bubbles. Every day we have a choice of two different main dishes – one meat and the other vegetarian. Each set also contains a soup and a homemade compote. The cost of the whole is only PLN 25, so it isn’t a burden on our wallets.

Bubbles Bar Warszawa


The challenge may also be to organize a home party. Not every one of us has time for a long cooking, and others just do not have the talent for it. It does not change the fact that arranging a party for family and friends is a great pleasure that we would not like to give up. There is no better way to strengthen relationships than sitting together at the table, eating delicious, aromatic dishes and having endless conversations interrupted by laughter. Each of us would like to take care of the guests as best as possible – so that they would have great memories of the visit. Bubbles is a place where we can order an excellent catering, which will certainly meet the expectations of our guests and will allow them to enjoy the unique taste of the menu dishes also outside the walls of the restaurant. And the staff will help us to create a menu that best meets our needs.


If for some reason we do not want or can not organize a meeting in our own home, we can decide on party at Bubbles. The atmospheric restaurant is a perfect place for an intimate wedding, baptism, communion, birthday and name day parties, hen and stag parties, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions. The restaurant also offers corporate events: integration events that will help to strengthen the ties between colleagues, corporate parties and meetings with contractors. An invitation to a restaurant is an effective way to impress business partners and to facilitate negotiations. By moving these events to Bubbles, we do not have to worry about decorations, shopping, cooking and cleaning. In addition, we can be sure that both dishes served and service quality will be at the highest level.


Najlepsze szampany Bubbles Bar Warszawa

The name “Bubbles” directly refers to the famous bubbles characterizing this one of the most-liked liquors in the world. For the creators of the premises from the very beginning, the goal was to create a place where you can both eat well and try the best sparkling wine. Champagne is associated primarily with special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve or wedding. Bubbles wants to debunk this myth by proving that this unique alcohol suits all dishes and all occasions. Thanks to delicate bubbles, each day can become a holiday, and each, even the simplest dish – an exquisite feast. At the restaurant you can taste many fine sparkling wines such as Cavalier Blanc de Blancs Brut, D`Anoia Seco Cava Rose, Prosecco Voveti Brut, Segura Viudas Gran Reserva, Prosecco Sant’Anna Extra Dry Magnum and Sushi Sparkling Extra Brut Magnum. The list also includes exquisite champagnes from small, reliable producers, e.g. Pol-Cochet Brut Nature, Nomine-Renard Demi-Sec, Le Mesnil Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, Josep Lorit-Pagel Blanc de Blancs `09, Sublime Grand Cru Rose or Larmandier Bernier Rose de Saignee. If we do not have the funds for a whole bottle of wine or just do not feel strong enough to empty it, we can order some items from the card in the glass. In addition, Bubbles guests have a unique opportunity to taste the best, original champagnes from the vineyards belonging to the Special Club, including Dumenil Brut, Millesime 2007, Paul Bara Special Club 2005 and Paul Bara Rose Special Club 2012. After all, each of us from time to time deserves a bit of luxury!


Niedzielne rodzinne obiady Bubbles Bar Warszawa

The Bubbles team believes that eating is a way to take care of loved ones and the best way to tell them that they are important to us. Common meals bring the family closer together and become a pretext for long, inspiring conversations. The Sunday dinner is particularly important – usually we are busy and eat meals on the run, not always having the opportunity to sit at a shared table. At the same time, preparing a three-course dinner for the whole family means that we can not spend time together because at least one person is involved in the arduous preparation of dishes. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem – dinner at Bubbles! For the sake of all those who do not want to spend long hours in the kitchen during the day off, the restaurant has prepared special dinner sets that taste “like at home”. The cost of soup, main course and dessert is only 39 PLN per person.


Anyone who has ever gone to a restaurant with a large group of companions knows how difficult it is to find a place whose menu would meet the needs of all participants of the meeting. Luckily Bubbles is characterized by an extensive, diverse menu, on which everyone will find something for themselves. There are items for people who love meat, vegetarians and vegans, children and adults, lovers of salads and heavier flavors, enthusiasts of modern cuisine and people who are faithful to the classics. On the menu can be found, among others items such as roast beef slices with mustard dip and toast, tomato tartare, raclette with home-made pickles and potatoes, foie gras, caviar of breeding sturgeon with blinis and sour cream, potato dumplings with truffle sauce, pumpkin spaetzle with saffron milk cups and Blue Jersey Frontier cheese sauce, tagliatelle with octopus and roasted tomatoes or a steak made of Polish seasoned beef sirloin with red wine sauce. Desserts include, for example, macaroons, Bubbles cheesecake or chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. In addition, the Bubbles menu changes depending on the season. Currently, we can warm up there thanks to mulled wine with vanilla vodka or winter tea with fruits.


Bubbles also organizes parties during which guests can celebrate special occasions together. The New Year’s Eve party will be held soon, during which you can taste a special New Year’s menu, enjoy the open bar or buy a bottle of champagne at an extremely low price. The Bubbles team believes that every occasion to celebrate is good, so at the restaurant there are also celebrated such occasions as Chocolate Day, Valentine’s Day, Vegetarians’ Day, Potato Pancakes’ Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Blue Monday. In addition, from time to time, take place tastings of a selected group of dishes, e.g. cheesy or with asparagus.

Najlepszy Bar Warszawa Bubbles