How to spend winter evenings in Warsaw?

How to spend winter evenings in Warsaw?

The chilly, gloomy weather of the winter months doesn’t encourage to leave the house. From time to time, however, it is worth spending the evening on something other than watching TV at home. Fortunately, in Warsaw you can not get bored – almost around every corner, interesting attractions await us.

Autumn and winter are seasons, during which many of us lose energy and motivation to act. We would like to spend the days and prolonged evenings under a blanket, accompanied by a cup of steaming tea and a good book or series. And although the above plan sounds like a very good idea to spend this time, it is not worth doing it every day. From time to time, it is good to leave the apartment and treat yourself to pleasure, which will sweeten to us, the long months of gloomy weather. Maybe will it be possible to organize a short weekend trip to another city? A good idea will be a visit to Warsaw – a city where you can not get bored, regardless of the weather! What entertainment in the capital will work during the winter evening?

Trampoline park

Who said trampolines are only for children? For several years, a lot of trampoline parks have been created all over Poland, the popularity of which proves that jumping is a pastime liked by almost all age groups. There are several such companies in Warsaw, including Hangar 646, Stacja Grawitacja, AIRO Active Park, Jump Arena or New Age Jump. Why is it worth it? First of all, jumping on trampolines is simply great fun. During the winter months, we often feel weary and depressed, and such fun will put in a good mood even the biggest misery. In addition, when it is cold, we naturally limit our activity, and the movement is necessary not only to preserve the body in good condition, but also supports the secretion of endorphins responsible for our well-being. Finally, jumping, although it looks easy and pleasant, is a great cardio workout and allows you to burn a lot of calories.

Artificial slope

Who said that you have to go to the mountains to enjoy winter sports? Warsaw meets our expectations, offering a very attractive substitute of vacation in Zakopane, that is Górka Szczęśliwicka. It is an artificial hill located in Szczęśliwicki Park. On the hill, we can use the ski trail covered with a special mat, which is wetted at positive temperature, and at negative – cleared. Thanks to this, all fans of skiing can enjoy their favorite entertainment without leaving the capital. We also have a nursery slope and two types of ski lifts: chairlift and platter lift, ski and snowboard rental, observation deck, alpine slide, restaurant and a pastry and ice-cream shop.

Ice rink

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Winter is also the perfect time to go to the ice rink. There are several of them in Warsaw: on the Old Town Square, at the Palace of Culture and Science, in Moczydło, a long skating rink in Stegny, Winter National or skating rink “Stegny” in Mokotów.

Royal Garden of Light

Winter months are also the only opportunity to see the phenomenal outdoor exhibition of the Royal Garden of Light at the Wilanów Palace. To the palace, we are led by a 75-meter, illuminated tunnel in which classical music plays. After dark, the Wilanów Park turns into a fairy-tale, royal space that puts us in an unusual, unique mood. The exhibition is available between October 13 and February 24, daily from 4 to 9 PM (however, the last entrance each day is possible at 8:30 PM). Its biggest attraction is a special show, during which the lights “dance” to the rhythm of music.

A feast for the soul and the body

In summer, we try to spend as much time outside as possible, not wanting to miss any moment of warm, sunny weather. In the winter, we often look for other types of entertainment, catch up on social and cultural meetings. One of the best ideas for the implementation of this goal is a visit to the theater or opera. The National Theatre offers performances at the highest level, with the participation of the best actors and directors. On its scene, we can see both classic, well-known play as well as new things. An equally spectacular spiritual feast awaits us at the National Opera located nearby. And after the performance, it’s worth going for a delicious dinner, during which we will discuss with our friends, the impressions of the theatre visit. Fortunately, there is the excellent Bubbles restaurant near both facilities, where you can not only enjoy a delicious meal, but also a glass of champagne.

Art house

Not all lovers of good films feel good in the space of huge, crowded multiplexes. Does it mean that they are doomed to pics at home (with a long delay compared to the premieres of cinema)? Fortunately, no, because in the capital you can still find intimate art houses, free from crush and ubiquitous popcorn. Their advantage is also the less commercial repertoire – it is in this type of cinemas that it is easiest to find artistic or niche films. We can choose among others, Muranów cinema, the cinema of the Artystyczny Dom Animacji (ADA), Iluzjon, Elektronik, Praha or Luna.