In Love with Bubbles

In Love with Bubbles

A restaurant is not a building, but a people creating a place. It is the staff and guests who are the heart of Bubbles and only thanks to them the bar is doing so well. Recently we asked our regulars about what they love this place for. Their answers didn’t surprise us, because they perfectly match what we perceive as the most important elements of a good restaurant. If you are interested in what opinions were given the most often – we invite you to read the results of the survey.

Bubbles is a unique combination of a bar and a restaurant that has existed on the capital’s map for a decade. During this time, we have managed to create a large group of regular customers who are happy to come back to our premises. I must admit that this is a unique place – casual, cozy decor is combined with simple but refined to perfection dishes and iconic champagne. We prove that the famous “bubbly” matches every occasion and all types of dishes. We are proud of the results achieved, but we don’t rest on our laurels and try to constantly grow. That’s why we decided to organize a survey, during which we asked regulars, what they love Bubbles for most. What answers did we get?


We are very pleased with such opinions, because our goal was to create a joyful place where you want to come back. We did not want to be another, similar to the other, bar in Warsaw. It was important to us (and still is!), to make you feel at home. Both the restaurant staff and its guests are a companionate community in which people has a lot of kindness for each other and love to spend time together. Gastronomy is our passion. We do not come to work “as punishment”, and the hours spent in the premises are always pleasant. We make every effort to ensure that our customers also know that Bubbles is a place where they can relax and forget about the hardships of everyday life.

The freedom that prevails in the restaurant is also reflected by the specially arranged interior. Bottle-green walls are combined with light wood, so that the whole has a very cozy, warm character. So that it would not be boring, we added colored chairs and opened wine shelves. The work is crowned with a large collection of books and soft cushions favoring long hours of conversation and feasting. There is also a lot of greenery in the restaurant – just like on the terrace, which you can use on warmer days. And when the summer afternoon with “bubbly” continues to the evening, our guests can cover themselves with fleece blankets.


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There is no denying that we go to this type of premises just to eat something tasty. The great advantage of the Bubbles menu is its diversity – here everyone will find something interesting. The famous tomato tartare, camembert with truffle paste, salad with smoked goat cheese, spinach, kale, avocado, pearl barley and orange sauce or iconic potato dumplings with truffle sauce and Polish cheese Emil Grana are suggestions for people on a meatless diet. “Meat eaters” visiting us, love, among others duck dumplings in the shape of a pouch with demi-glace sauce, traditional beef tartare with egg, beef cheeks stewed in beer with fried Chinese noodles and vegetables and beef sirloin with potatoes, spinach and oyster mushrooms with red wine sauce. Enthusiasts of traditional dishes are happy to order a slice of sourdough bread, baked with cheese and additives, served on a board with a mix of salads and black pudding fried with onions and chorizo, while those preferring to try new flavors eagerly reach for rucola with oyster mushrooms, sprouts, sunflower seeds and Emil Grana cheese with balsamic vinaigrette, taglioni with seafood, olive oil, celery, fennel and fresh parsley or sous vide duck breast with redcurrant and ginger sauce. And lovers of candies enjoy our delicious macaroons, crème brûlée, plums in red wine under crumble and ice cream and the loved by guests, Bubbles cheesecake.


We believe that professional, and at the same time friendly and cultural staff is the key to the restaurant’s success. Contrary to popular opinions, not everyone can be waiter or bartender. To follow this type of professions well, you must have the appropriate personality predispositions: a positive attitude, openness, sympathy for people, ease of making contacts, cheerfulness and even a bit of a sense of humor. Guests come to our bar to eat well and drink “bubbly” in a nice, relaxing atmosphere. That is why we care so much that everyone in our place would treat each other warmly and with respect. Thank you very much for your trust and loyalty. We are happy with every client who came to us and decided to visit us more often. We hope that you will still be satisfied with our services and we will have at least another 10 years of feasting together, with champagne.