The best bar in Warsaw


Here at Bubbles, we make a great team that knows how to make their Guests happy.
We make sure that the visitors’ plates contain dishes of the top quality, prepared with the best ingredients. We rely on combining traditional flavors, popular in many households, with modernity. Everything can go well together, and our most successful culinary experiments can be found on the menu. There is no bigger satisfaction in our job than appreciation coming from our Guests after a finished meal. That’s what makes Bubbles the best bar in Warsaw.

And since we’re filling stomachs and hearts of a growing number of fans of good cooking, the satisfaction from our job at Bubbles just keeps growing! ?


Tomek - owner of Bubbles bar, the best bar in Warsaw

Tomasz Pydyś



Good food and delicious bubbles is what Tomek likes the most. He devotes all of his time and energy to Bubbles, because this place is his second home. He never stops looking for new flavors, aromas and inspiring places. Whenever he gets few moments off, he fulfills his other passions: vehicles, skydiving and wakeboarding. His dream is to make Bubbles a place with the biggest selection of champagne, prosecco and cava in Poland.

Seweryn Piechowicz



To Seweryn, cooking is more than just work, it’s passion. He already knew he wanted to be a cook back when he was a kid. He loves to cook using fresh vegetables and natural products and he would never serve his guests something he wouldn’t eat himself.

Tomek - owner of Bubbles bar, the best bar in Warsaw



Magda – a waitress at the Bubbles bar, the best bar in Warsaw


Have you ever tried plums in red wine coated with streusel and vanilla ice cream at Bubbles? No? That’s a mistake that you should make up for as soon as possible, as this dessert has gained nearly a cult status, and it was born in the mind of Magda, who is in charge of tinctures and jams. In her private life, she enjoys pizza, goes skiing in winter and rollerskating in summer.



Edyta - kitchen help Bubbles bar, the best bar in Warsaw


Edyta is in charge of herbs, without which plenty of delicious and aromatic dishes here at Bubbles wouldn’t exist. Her passion is growing and tending to flowers, she also likes getting them. A colorful, aromatic bouquet always puts her in a good mood. She believes that life would be much sadder without flowers.


Karolina - waitress Bubbles bar, the best bar in Warsaw


She is a volcano of positive energy, it’s impossible to feel sad when she’s around. She likes to talk to people and always shows them interest and empathy. In her private life, she enjoys being active, when not going bike riding, she likes to watch action movies.



Darek - chef Bubbles bar, the best bar in Warsaw


Young but incredibly skilled graduate of a cooking school, a real cooking enthusiast. When not experimenting with new tastes and flavors, he devotes himself to DIY, fishing or… fixing the car. As he says, he can fix everything but the engine. A real handyman!




Positive, always smiling and helpful. A graduate of the University of Physical Education, after hours he practices boxing.


Bubbles is more than just Champagne, there is also a wide selection of Italian or Spanish wines. The enthusiasts of stronger drinks can expect to encounter great brands of classic alcohols, as well as surprises from native distilleries.