The most iconic dishes at Bubbles

The most iconic dishes at Bubbles

Bubbles restaurant is not only “bubbly” – it is also (or maybe above all) a place where you can eat very well. The regulars of the premises who took a fancy to particular items from the menu know about this. Which dishes from the Bubbles menu deserve to be called the most iconic?

Bubbles restaurant is a completely unique place on the map of Warsaw. The restaurant was created out of real passion, love for good food and champagne. The owner wanted to tame the famous “bubbly”, which is associated primarily with luxury and celebrating special occasions and prove that this noble drink fits not only to truffles and caviar, but also a familiar black pudding, green beans or tartare. In a word: it is able to enrich every food, even the simplest meal, turning it into an exquisite dish. Of course, this does not mean that eating at Bubbles is treated carelessly. On the contrary: perfect cooks ensure that every item on the menu is prepared as carefully as possible, using the best quality ingredients. The secret of Bubbles is the passion for cooking and tasting life. Which dishes should you try there first?


In general, the steak tartare is a dish exclusively chosen by meat lovers, and avoided by vegans and vegetarians. But not in this case: in Bubbles you can eat a dish that looks and is served just like a meat tartare, but it tastes completely different. It is a fresh, original and surprising combination of flavors that will appeal not only to those who stay on the plant diet. The interesting form adds to its attractiveness and makes tomato tartare one of the most frequently ordered appetizers at Bubbles.


Na ogół tatar stanowi danie wybierane wyłącznie przez miłośników mięsa, a omijane szerokim łukiem przez wegan i wegetarian. Ale nie w tym przypadku: w Bubbles można zjeść danie, które wygląda i jest podawane zupełnie jak mięsny tatar, ale smakuje zupełnie inaczej. Jest to świeże, oryginalne i zaskakujące połączenie smaków, które przypadnie do gustu nie tylko osobom pozostającym na diecie roślinnej. Interesująca forma dodaje mu dodatkowej atrakcyjności i sprawia, że tatar z pomidora jest jedną z najczęściej zamawianych przystawek w Bubbles.


Tagliatelle z ośmiornicą i pieczonymi pomidorami Bubbles

It is difficult to find a person who would not love pasta. This Italian delicacy fits everything, thanks to which it is an extremely universal component of many very diverse dishes. In addition, this product can also change due to the various shapes it takes. Tagliatelle is a long, flat ribbons with a porous and rough structure that stops the thick sauces that it is most often served with. The octopus adds exoticism and exquisite character to the dish. The delicate flavor of the tender meat is additionally enriched by aromatic, baked tomatoes, which for a moment carry us to sunny Italy.


Caviar, or salted roe is one of the most appreciated delicacies in the world. Sturgeon caviar is particularly valued, which is distinguished by its delicate, creamy flavor. The way of serving caviar is important – it is not spreadable, but only applied to bread or other additives. It goes well with blinis, a traditional dish of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian cuisine. Blinis are pancakes made of yeast buckwheat-wheat or buckwheat-rye dough. Plump pancakes are a showcase of the borderland cuisine and a truly universal addition that fits well with confiture or honey, as well as salmon or caviar. This more sophisticated, exquisite version is enriched in addition by sour cream, which balances flavors. It is worth mentioning that according to many people, caviar is simply made to drink it with another luxury product – champagne.


Kopytka z sosem truflowym Bubbles Bar

Potato dumplings with truffle sauce is the flagship Bubbles dish. Although potato dumplings are considered to be simple, not very sophisticated dishe, in this version they gain a completely new character. The potato dumplings are slightly browned in a pan, which gives them tempting crunchiness. The dish is complemented by a sauce made on the basis of truffles, which are the most expensive and the most prized mushrooms in the world. Together with the parmezan chips, the whole creates a truly surprising and addictive composition. If you try it once, you’ll always come back for more!