„Bubbles” means...

freedom, comfort and relaxation with a flair!

Why do we have the largest range of champagne and other “‘bubbles” from around the world?

Because we believe that champagne is a true “fuel for imagination”,  and the enchanted in it “bubbles” clear your head of everyday problems.

When you visit us you leave the routine behind the door. “Bubbles” is your daily dose of exoticism and color that feeds your imagination. Our guests return to their daily activities energized and cheerful for the rest of the day. What is the secret of their revitalization? It’s simple – our dishes are served with a bit of our own flair, that enhances the imagination!

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Taste with imagination

imagination with taste!

In Bubbles

you spark your appetite for life!

Adam Drężek, the chef of “Bubbles,” has worked for his professionalism since childhood. As a true “Masurian man,” he grew up with the rich culinary customs of this remarkable region, where the flavors of nature blend with the adventurous nature of the locals. He took his first culinary inspirations from the regional tradition, but soon his imagination led him out into the world. Today, taking from his Masurian experience, he creates dishes inspired by the cuisine of seven continents, creating the new continent of taste – “Bubbles” in Warsaw.

“Bubbles” is a place for people whose day is not over if they don’t take at least a moment for a bit of fantasizing. Adam can help with this like nobody else – with the finest taste!

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Here the fantasy

strikes your mind!


The best restaurant in Warsaw, the Warsaw restaurant, a restaurant with Polish food, the Akademia restaurant


The best restaurant in Warsaw, the Warsaw restaurant, a restaurant with Polish food, the Akademia restaurant

Don't put your desires to sleep

wake them up with champagne in Bubbles

Life at “Bubbles” is full of golden waves of champagnes of which the grapes were grown on the legendary vineyards of Champagne. We also offer a wide range of wines from all around the world. Their bubbles can put you in a good mood so fast, that our sommeliers found it essential to offer them to the guests of “Bubbles”, who are open to the real adventure every day.

At “Bubbles”, alcohol is something more than just a drink, it is a journey through the worlds of taste and emotions that lets you discover that “ordinary” brands taste so extraordinary in composition with our dishes. That’s why we’ve created a menu of wines and strong liquors reaching back to Spanish and Italian classics, with a wide selection of whiskey from global brands and unique products from domestic distilleries.

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to Bubbles!